Business Accounting Software


Nowadays all types administration, services are optimized by the software. Accounting software sales are the BTS staff software development based on customer criteria such as utility, accuracy, reducing the amount of time needed

 Here I introduce the functions of accounting software sales, serving very good for the industry about the sale:


-Analysis of the sales by customer, according to the Bill, according to contracts and staff ...

-General transportation money tracking under car

-Cost analysis according to the account, according to the Department, according to the cost factor code ...

-Analysis of the financial statements, of the management reports.

-Purchase cost allocation automatically on each item, each Bill

-Customer group category manager, distribution, region, type of car. ...

-Manage customer information, supplier, employee, Department ...

-Management of multiple data base units, up reports for each base unit and General

-Allow to filter the data according to a code, by name, according to the data.


-Allows for quick report print on demand self created



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