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1. General introduction:

In order to meet the needs of training management and operation of universities and colleges according to the credit system, in accordance with the new regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.

2. Functions:

Admission Management:
Support management of input enrollment information.
Easily communicate and convert data with the enrollment program provided by the Ministry of Education and Training.
Automatic classification of entrance exam results.
Prepare reports according to the form prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training.

Student information management:
Manage student information from the stage of matriculation, admission and throughout the learning process at the school.
Manage alumni information, keep a good relationship between the school and students after graduation.
Update and supplement student information from enrollment data.
Support class classification, automatic student coding. Support printing student card with barcode.
Support linking, sharing information to other information systems. Manage priority objects, policy categories, social welfare beneficiaries.
Manage the reward and discipline information of students.
Monitor and handle academic regulations.
Search function on all information related to students (Full-Text Search)

Training management and planning
Optimizing the process for credit training according to the university training regulations issued by the Ministry of Education and Training.
Support training model according to credit, annual system and other forms of Formal, In-service, Extended, Distance training...
Manage information of specific subjects for each System, Branch, Faculty and by junior or major stage.
Support in identifying prerequisite courses, electives with orientation.
Support to develop framework programs for industries and occupations and make separate training plans for each course.
The function to support split-join classes.

Information management to evaluate learning outcomes:
Manage student learning results in each semester.
Support decentralized information management model at many levels.
Automatically calculate and manage the final score of the course, the average of the semester, and the whole school year.
Support grading and evaluating students at the end of the semester, at the end of the year, assessment and review for graduation.
Support printing and issuing diplomas, graduation certificates.
Manage and look up information for diplomas and graduation certificates by series.
Exchange data between the training department and the subjects.

Financial management (scholarships, tuition fees, surcharges)
Manage and track student fees. Support calculation of exemptions, refunds for policy beneficiaries and subsidies.
Manage student scholarships.
Manage other student-related revenues and expenditures.
Automatically calculate fees payable to students, support printing receipts.
Function to set up statistical reports and support multiple toll gates at the same time

Manage teacher information
Manage teacher background information, contracts, professional qualifications, positions, working titles, salary coefficients and allowances, family relationships, salary process, overseas work history, training process....
Management of payment of teaching remuneration.
Support to determine the coefficient of learning function, academic degree, basis coefficient, lesson, toxic coefficient for teachers.

Dormitory Manager
Manage the infrastructure information of the dormitory.
Support to manage registration (in, out) and monitor usage status of the dormitory to each room, bed.
Look up, statistics on the use of dormitories.

Manage class schedules and teaching facilities
Manage information about capacity, operating status of lecture halls.
Provide tools to support building timetables, scheduling teaching for specific classes.
Assign teachers to teach taking into account the teacher's wishes about teaching time and location.
Data mining (teacher is busy, free, classroom is busy, idle, which class is studying, is on break).

Online communication for students (Portal)
Information on class schedules and locations.
Register for the online course.
View tuition fee information, fee payment status and payment deadlines.
View training results, GPA and training assessments.

3. Benefits:
Help quickly establish a training management model according to the credit system at universities and colleges and in accordance with the new regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.
Stay up-to-date with information quickly and easily connect with students with a variety of interactive online features.
Helps reduce operating and training costs thanks to a transparent information system.
Open Knowledge meets the unique needs of each school. Allows selection of necessary functions and fine-tuning accordingly.
Flexible design, easy to increase application
High security

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