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Handy Digital website design company specializes in designing websites on smartphone platforms such as Iphone, phones using Android operating system.

Currently, according to the latest market research in 2014, Smartphone sales have surpassed feature phones, accounting for 58.6% of the entire market, in the future these devices will be very developed. More and more people are choosing to buy smart mobile phones capable of browsing web applications, devices that support Android, iOs....

The explosion with the rapid speed of 3G network, the continuous development of technology and the number of users is increasing, creating a trend that users always hold smartphones in their hands to surf the web, go to social networks, search for information, chat, exchange and buy...

Therefore, designing a website running on mobile phones is something that businesses should do from now on, with many unexpected benefits that a website running on Smartphone brings:

- Reach more customers easier.

- Portable and easy to connect and interact with.

- Convenience in online shopping and transactions.

- Connect Business quickly.

- Faster web load time.

- Competitive advantage.

- Optimizing website SEO.

The trend of using websites on smartphones is increasing and increasing as fast as today, the team of programmers and graphic designers of DIGITAL HAND are always updated with the latest web technologies that will enhance the image of your business on the global internet and emphasize your difference from the competition.

Digital Hand with more than 6 years of experience in designing professional mobile websites on request, will advise and design websites suitable for each industry, field, product, business service ... Bringing customers a website that runs well on Smartphone, is beautiful, seo standard and most effective.

Design a mobile website now because the number of smartphone users is increasing.

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