News website design is a solution package to set up an electronic newspaper with the ability to reach global and continuous readers. The ability to quickly publish information and keep it up to date.

Website structure: The homepage is presented with a scientific layout, attractive colors and convenient for accessing all the rest of the website.

1. Module introduction: is the function to present introductory articles about the website.

2. News system module: The news system allows dividing into categories of news according to many levels of news, including: news items and sub-categories, the number of news items and sub-sections is unlimited.

3. Featured news or focus module: Presented as a column of featured news, each message displays the title with a small 53x53 image next to it.

4. News module: Also presented in the same way as prominent news, that is, in the form of columns including about 5-10 newly updated news.

5. User functions:
- Send messages to friends: when users click on the icon to send messages to friends, an information form will appear so that users can send the link of the article they are viewing to their loved ones.
- Set as homepage: this function helps users set the website they are viewing as their homepage.
- Remember website, favorite: This function allows users to save the current url address to favorite for quick access next time.
- Submit comments: With each article, viewers can submit comments and contribute their ideas.

6. Utility modules:
- Foreign exchange rate: automatically update the foreign currency rate from the bank.
- Stock price list: automatically update the stock price list according to the source of the National Securities Commission.
- Weather forecast information: automatically update weather forecast information from the national meteorological center.
- Movie showtimes, TV shows, broadcast schedules...

7. Document download module: This section allows to put documents on the website so that users can download them to their computers. Downloaded documents are divided into different categories.

8. Search module: This section will allow users to search website content by many conditions: phrase, time, topic, author...

9. Advertising module: Allows to put logo ads, banners on positions on the website.

10. Link module: Allows saving a list of useful website links, partner websites...

11. Contact module: present contact information and form to submit information from the website.

12. Module sitemap: is a function for visitors to find the content in the fastest way by detailed links in subsections such as a map.

13. Voting module: allows to create polls and votes on the website.

14. RSS module: allows publishing the entire news page according to the RSS standard.

15. Image gallery module: can integrate an image library into the website and provide many slide show effects for the gallery, where to share photos online...

16. Website statistics module: statistics on the number of visitors, the number of people accessing online, geographical location statistics, access time, the most visited articles ...

Websites that support Responsive standards display well on mobile devices, in addition to developing news mobile apps

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