Travel Website Design

Providing information and travel services of the company online

Set up new marketing and business channels to expand and develop markets and customers. Create a difference and competitive advantage in increased tourism through the support of information technology.

Engage members and increase satisfaction through improving relationships and providing added value to customers

Design tourism website to expand communication with domestic and foreign customers.

Combining and supporting traditional business forms: introducing new service information, news and events, Booking Ticket...

Easily update website content through website content update tool.

Design a travel website with beautiful, impressive and harmonious graphics combined with Flash to create a beautiful and clear website.

Website homepage: The most prominent and important page of the Website. This page presents all the advantages of the Company , impressive graphics, and harmony.

Introduce the typical information, news, advertising information, new and most typical services (Tours) of the company.
Promotional information for loyal customers of the company.
Show the company's marketing strategy: as an internet tour and information center, attracting more and more customers to the company

Service Module: Displays information and images about tourism services or services related to the field of business activities. Each service has a service request form attached, allowing customers to easily contact when needed.

Tourist Information Module: This is a page that introduces all that is relevant and necessary for the tourism sector in Vietnam to customers visiting the website to attract customers to visit the website next time, Where to introduce tourist attractions and techniques or tour programs for customers to know and understand the festival program of the year at which tourist destinations.

  Tourist Information
   A little bit about Vietnamese culture
   Famous places
   Tourism Festival

Module Tours Tourism, Travel tour: This page introduces all the tours of the company. This is also the main page of the website. Here, customers can view information about tours provided by the company and make tour booking tickets here, allowing customers to book tours online, consult tour prices, and search for suitable tours.

Module Tour Booking (tour booking): This function allows customers to choose and book tours in the company's tour directory that can book private tours (customer tours), the system will help your company's customers to book and contact information about tour orders to manage orders easily and conveniently.

Consulting & FAQ Module (Frequently Asked Questions): This module helps businesses post frequently asked questions from customers and answer content from the business side, creating a professional look for viewers about their products - services.
Integrating functions to help customers conveniently send requests, suggestions, comments... to businesses.
Here customers can get answers to questions about the company's services and policies. All information will be prepared by the company with questions and answers.

Search utility: Includes 2 search functions: Quick Find and Advanced Find. Quick search: allows viewers to quickly search for any information in the website by simply entering the keyword to find and pressing enter to get the results. Advanced Search: allows viewers to limit the information search area to display more accurate results.

Module News: Module allows to subdivide into many different types of news, for example, domestic news, international news, technology news, internal news...etc.

Promotional News Module: Introduce customers to company's promotional information to key customers of the company, announce promotions and discounts, announce special programs in the month of the year, additional programs for new services

Recruitment Module: Allows businesses to post recruitment information to find potential candidates for themselves.

Module Newsletter (receiving newsletter via email): Allows customers to register to receive the latest service information from the company, receive notifications of tours in the month of the year, multiply promotional information and quotes.

Photo Gallery Module: Show business images, activity images, information through photos according to categories of fields.
This is the page that introduces the customer's image when participating in the company's tour. Make the website flexible and impressive to customers when they can show their friends and family their pictures through the website on the internet. (Applicable only to website members

Module Create a poll: Businesses can ask questions to poll customers when visiting the website.

Online contact form: Allows customers to contact, respond, and place orders with the business

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