Hotel management system - neoPMS

Hotel management online? Why not?

In the age of information technology has been developed as at present, the application of IT in the management of the networks special online management is increasingly widespread and high efficiency, minimize any unnecessary costs.

To meet the increasing demand of customers, particularly tong field booking, hotel management, the staff of the BTS has research, build and run test the neoHotel hotel management software.

With a user-friendly interface, simple operation, easy-to-use attachment to announce specific instructions for each operation, we expect the network to the convenience of our customers.

Hotel management system neoPMS:

Integrating online booking functionality

+ Integrated online booking functionality on the hotel website

+ Support payment online deposit

+ Integrated and tested VIP members

+ Integrated hotel promotions

Manage reservations

+ Manage booking hotels for guest bookings,

+ Supports quick bookings

+ Client management staff

+ Stateful room

+ Support for tariff


Cash management room

+ The charge room tax, deposit fee

+ Support split bill, included bill

Management service

+ Management of hotel services such as laundry, shuttle, restaurant, spa ...

+ Support charging separately or pooled money room


Manage reports

+ Room reports

+ Report as bill

+ The report room


High end features

+ Employee management and decentralization each function

+ High scalability

+ Integrated management of several hotels in the system

+ Manage control door lock entrance

+ Energy management, power sources

+ Get information booking from Agoda, systems etc.

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